Bella Layosh




Bella Layosh – Born in 1948 in Germany

PhD in Educational Management from Bar Ilan University
Graduate of the Beit Tzeirot Mizrahi Art Education Seminar
Studied art and the history of art, drawing, sketching, painting, sculpture and oleograph under various forums and artists such as Maskil Tiberius, Arie Lamdan in Netanya, Rachel Shahar in Tel Aviv, Batya Magal from Kfar Ma'as and graduated a Russian Academy style course.
Has been teaching and instructing art for 40 years.

1966-1968         Art teaching diploma from the Beit Tzeirot Mizrahi Art Education Seminar. Studied under artists: Moshe Rosenthalis, Eliyahu Gat, Sonia Natra, Lea Mangero Mintz and others.

1967                   Study tour through European art site with Ran Shchori

1976-1978         Netanya Art Museum – drawing and painting course with artist Arie Lamdan

1980-1984         Russian Academy style course in Tel Aviv under Samion Abramowitz (Khotorskoy)

1987                   Helena Rubinstein Museum – drawing course with Rachel Shavit

1988                   Silk drawing course in Ramat Gan


Exhibitions (in recent years):

02-2011              New Artists – group exhibition at the Blue Bird Gallery in Petach Tikva

12-2010              Ot Haim – group exhibition at the International Kabala Center in Zfat

12-2010              Or Shiv'at Hayamim – Israeli Art Gallery in Zfat

03-2009              Group exhibition at the Avenue Center in Airport City Lod